The difference of Virgin Hair/Remy Hair/Non-Remy Hair


Virgin Hair
Virgin Hair is naturally growing human hair without any chemically treated, never been bleached, dyed, permed. The only treatment is shampoo and conditioner. It can't be virgin hair once colored. Virgin hair's cuticle is intact going in the same drection like tiles on a roof or scales on a fish when magnified. Virgin hair is collected from one donor, no any confusion.

Remy Hair
Remy Hair(once cut from one or more donors) rens from root to root, end to end with no mixing of animal or synthetic hair. No shedding, no tangle.

Non-Remy Hair
Non-Remy hair's cuticle layer is removed. The hair is difficult to manage as opposite running cuticle.Non-Remy hair is difficult to spot from Remy hair or Remy hair or style, it lasts no more than one shampoo.

Virgin Remy Hair
Virgin Remy Hair features both Virgin hair and Remy hair so that regarded the best quality on the market. It's silky, smooth, natural looking, bouncy, shiny and gorgeous, most nearest yourself natural lovely hair.

Synthetic and Fibre Hair
Synthetic and Fibre hair is man-made to act like natural human hair. Synthetic and Fibre hair with heavily coated in silicone can get silky and natural feel, but it dissipates after one shampooing.

Indian, Brazilian and Russian Hair
Hair with lablels of "Indian","Brazilian" or "Russian" doesn't mean the origins are Indian, Brazilian or Russian. It refers mainly to the texture of the hair rather than the origin.