Tape hair extensions DO’S a Don’ts


1), Wash and condition hair regularly, Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair softness, Please do not over do it !
2), Choose a round with wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair from the root to end, 2-3times a day ,which is important to do this processed
before washing your Tape hair .
3),Wash your hair gently downward motion with good quality shampoo and rinse thoroughly to make your sure is clean before using hair conditioner.
4),Do not apply the conditoner in the top area or near the attachments.

Styling & Dye
1),Our Tape hair extensions can be blow with the hair drier ,but not too often(dry naturally is more better),Do not blow the hair root .
2),Avoid the hair products (shampoo and conditoner ) contain alcohol.
3),Do not use too high temperature when wavyed or curled it .
4),The tape hair extensions only support the dye to more darker color.
5),Softly wash the hair with warm water to remove the dirt and sweat stains before dyed and bleached .

1),Never sleep with wet hair ,Make sure your hair is completely dry before your going to bed.
2),Braid the hair or wrap the hair together ,gently tie it with a loose ponytail to prevent the hair tangle.

1),Avoid the hair long exposure to chlorine and salt water,Which will cause the hair tangle and matting .

1),Use the professional tape hair extensins remover to remove the glue .
2),Refit and move up every 6 week 
3),Do not make the hair under the blazing sun for a long time 
4),Do not wash the hair within 48 hours after getting your new tape hair extensions.